The Cool Couple (IT)

The Cool Couple (often shortened to TCC) is an artist duo based in Milan (IT), established in late 2012 by Niccolò Benetton (1986) and Simone Santilli (1987). Their research focuses on the friction points generated in the day-to-day relationship between people and images. The idea of images as active hubs and their project-oriented attitude results in their use of several forms of expression ranging from fine art and photography to electrostatic wipes, from meditation rooms to Chinese cover bands. The Cool Couple combines artistic research with didactics; because sharing is good karma. They have given lectures at NABA (Milan), IUAV University (Venice), AplusA gallery (Venice), University of South Wales (Newport), IED (Turin), ISSP (Riga), MADE Program (Syracuse). They are the founders of the trendsetting cover band Rui & the Rainbow Dragons, members of POIUYT, a platform for image-based research, and part of the editorial team of Genda Magazine.




Container Doxa (SI, HR, CN)

Container Doxa is a modular constellation for musical, conceptual and other endeavors. It is setting up its own interaction protocol, one in which club electronica flirts with free improvisation, and where political commentary steers into glowing psychedelia. It strives towards a cohesive sonic momentum that nevertheless brushes idiomatic captures aside. Dystopian strobe lights and palm trees are one of their possible anchor points. The project was initiated in 2017; its first album, Less Than Nothing, was released straight into 2018. Right now, the band is going through yet another phase of reinvention and reassemblage, a crucial part of which is a week-long residency at this year's Fotopub Festival. During Fotopub, the project will be serviced by: Pia Reš, Miha Gantar, Lester St. Louis, Leonard Medica, Stella Ivšek, Bryan Qu, Anže Zorman and Dré A. Hočevar.





Luka Cvetković (RS)

Luka Cvetković (1995) is currently pursuing his master's degree at the sculpture department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Serbia and has recently performed a demonstrative walk from Belgrade to Venice, on the occasion but not as a part of The Venice Biennale. He is one of the founders of The Applause Institute, an art collective interested in performative art in public spaces, with which he is set to participate in the 2019 Prague Quadrennial.








Mark Farid (UK)

Mark Farid (1992) is a conceptual artist who examines the formation of our projected-self, and how our constructed identity is shaped by societal expectations. He graduated from Kingston University, London, with a First Class (Hons) degree in Fine Art in 2014, and has since given talks and participated in group and solo exhibitions in England, France, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, UAE, and Japan. He gave a TEDx talk in 2017 about his first two projects, Data Shadow (2015), and Poisonous Antidote (2016), and took part in the Sundance New Frontier program in 2016 for his ongoing project, Seeing I (2019 and 2020). Mark has appeared on Sky News, Fox News, BBC Radio 4, in the Guardian, the Independent, the New Statesman, and has written about his work for the Telegraph. His next exhibition will be Seeing I at Ars Electronica, 1–7 September 2019.





Đejmi Hadrović (SI)

Đejmi Hadrović (1988), born in Trbovlje, Slovenia, is a time-based media artist who has been nominated for the OHO Young Visual Artist Award in 2018. She participated in the KulturKontakt residency programme in Vienna and has been awarded the Förderungspreise der Stadt Wien 2018. She is currently pursuing a PhD at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her artistic approach that combines discourse analysis with conceptual material content aims to emphasize the qualitative traditions of critical studies, cultural studies and feminism. Her work is an attempt to extrapolate the important cultural connections and ideological points present in the Balkans and the post-socialist nations at large; Đejmi tries to elaborate on a definition of feminism, sexuality and gender in the post-Yugoslav space. The theoretical framework her that underpins her work is applied to contemporary art practices such as video, photography, performance and installation.




Rok Hudobivnik (SI)

Rok Hudobivnik (1996) is a graphic designer currently living and working in New York City. After graduating high school in Kranj he got his BA in Graphic Communications from the Norwich University of the Arts. In the past two years he has exhibited his work in the US, the UK, Japan and Thailand.









Michael Kelly (UK)

Michael Kelly (1995) obtained his bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communication at the Norwich University of the Arts last year, focussing on experimental typography, motion design and lo-fi interactive installations. With one foot in the field of Graphic Design and the other in Fine Art, he explores themes of philosophy and social and technological systems. Michael has exhibited in England, Holland and Japan, and has recently been awarded the Type Director’s Club Tokyo (TDC Tokyo) Grand Prix for his font, VR. Michael is currently interning at Fraser Muggeridge Studio in London, and working on personal graphic and artistic projects.







Peter Kolárčik (SK)

Peter Kolárčik (1996) was born in Spišská Nová Ves in Slovakia. He studied documentary filmmaking in Banská Bystrica and cinematography in Bratislava. He is currently studying photography at UMPRUM in Prague. He produces zines and books and organizes short-term exhibitions, for example in a shared dormitory kitchen, on a windowpane at a friend’s place, in a classroom or in an old newsstand which he and his friends turned into a gallery in his hometown skatepark.








Thomas Kuijpers (NL)

Thomas Kuijpers (1985) is a visual artist whose work explores the role of contemporary media narratives within our perception of the physical world; he tries to rethink the way representations of current happenings are communicated. In 2017 Kuijpers was selected as a Foam Talent and nominated for several awards. In 2018 he was awarded second place at the Somfy Photography Award and granted the Unseen Grolsch Residency. In recent years he has exhibited in New York City, Rio de Janeiro, London, at the Bielle Festival of Photography, the Lishui Photography Festival and the Krakow Photomonth Festival, as well as in the Museum Arnhem, the Frankfurter Kunstverein, the Stedelijk Museum and the Foam Photography Museum. Kuijpers’ work is part of the collection of the Stedelijk Museum, the Foam, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and several private collectors. He currently lives and works between Aarle-Rixtel (NL) and Ghent (BE).




Luca Marcelli (IT)

Luca Marcelli (1995) holds a BA in Psychology and is currently studying for his MFA in New Media Art at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. His research deals with the emotional and psychological dynamics linked to social media consumption, entertainment and pleasure-driven activities. In his works, schizophrenic emotionalities emerge as a result of the relation between hyperstimulated minds and empty and lonely souls. In an attempt to emulate the web’s heterogeneity and schizophrenia, his practice involves different media and approaches.







Milica Mijajlović (RS)

Milica Mijajlović (1991) is a student at the Department of Fine Arts at The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Her artistic practice focuses mostly on painting, though recently she has been working with other media such as text, objects and performance. Her work is predominantly a reflection of her personal memories which she connects with current global issues using the language of symbols. Her most recent solo shows are Awaiting a Big Event at the Rampa Gallery in Usti nad Labem (Czechia) and Wish You Were Not Here at The Solution in Prague (Czechia). She is originally from Belgrade but lives and works in Prague.







Danilo Milovanović (SI/BA)

Danilo Milovanović got his MA at Ljubljana’s Academy of Fine Arts and Design. He continued his education at UMPRUM Prague. Through interventions into the public space, Milovanović explores the relationships the urban landscape establishes with nature and culture. These mostly fleeting and unspectacular interventions that go beyond the habitual comfort zone of most artistic creation are a reaction to the contemporary political and poetic reality. He tends to approach his artistic activism with an air of humorous cynicism and provocativeness. During his long-time work within the collective of the Autonomous Factory Rog in Ljubljana, he has formed numerous connections with both local and international activist and artistic collectives, with whom he still occasionally collaborates. His works have been showcased in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czechia, Denmark and Poland. In 2018 and 2019 he was nominated for the OHO Young Visual Artist Award, the most prestigious award given to young Slovenian artists. Milovanović sometimes organizes workshops and lectures.




Mila Panić (BA/DE)

Mila Panić (1991) was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from the Academy of Arts at the University of Banja Luka and her master’s degree from the Department of Art in Public Space and New Artistic Strategies at the Bauhaus Universität-Weimar. Her personal experiences are vividly expressed in her work that deals with subjects like migration, identity and belonging; through her practice, subjective experiences are transformed into relatable, universal narratives. Her works have been exhibited internationally, and she has participated in a number of residencies, festivals, lectures, talks; her work has been showcased at the Moscow Biennale for Young Art, the Kunsthaus Dresden, the Kunstlerhaus in Vienna, and at solo exhibitions in Belgrade, Leipzig, Berlin and Maribor. Panić is the founder of the Fully Funded Residencies platform ​that aims to provide a faster and easier overview of art residences, mobility funds and grants, concentrating on those covering all or most expenses; it is also a platform for sharing experiences and critical reflections on the AiR model. She currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.




Tamara Spalajković (RS)
Tamara Spalajković (1996) is a student at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She works with multiple media, such as sculpture, text, participative art and social sculpture. She spent one semester in 2018 at the Xi’An Academy of Fine Arts in China. She is one of the co-founders of The Applause Institute and founder of The White Cube Gallery project. Spalajković has participated in numerous local group exhibitions; her collective, The Applause Institute, is part of the 2019 Prague Quadrennial.








Saša Tatić (BA/DE)
Saša Tatić (1991) graduated from the Academy of Arts at the University of Banja Luka in 2014. She holds an MA from the Department of Public Art and New Artistic Strategies from the Bauhaus Universität (2017). Saša was a recipient of the DAAD Scholarship and one of the five co-founders of the “APARTMAN” project for the popularization of contemporary art, as well as a finalist of The 2018 ZVONO Award. She has received several awards, praises and grants in the field of visual arts. She actively exhibits in numerous regional and international exhibitions and festivals. She currently lives and works in Berlin.






Rafal Zajko (PL/UK)
Rafal Zajko (1988) is a multimedia artist that works with sculpture, performance and costume. Zajko lives and works in London (UK). His recent body of work incorporates wall-based concrete and steel panels that often contain free-hand embroidery slats and ice. His work deals with monuments, socialist public sculpture and the relationship between the body and technology. His most recent shows include Unputdownable at The White Cubicle (London, UK); Art of Translation at the MMAG Foundation (Amman, Jordan); Haptic House at the Horse and Pony, (Berlin, DE); Jaka Praca Dzis Takie Nasze Jutro, a solo exhibition at the Castor Project (London, 2018); and If It’s Not Meant to Last, Then It’s Performance at Vitrine (Basel, Switzerland); Halfway House at Exile (Vienna, Austria); On Precarity at the Grand Union (Birmingham, UK); and the We Were Here solo exhibition at the Slendzinskich Collection (Białystok, Poland, 2019).





BEAM TEAM are Stella Ivšek (5237) and Anja Romih (SMECH), multimedia artists who focus on sound visualization, video animation and editing, and are involved with various music events as VJs. They were first featured as a VJ duo at the 2018 Fotopub Festival (projections and music venue design), followed by the 2018 SONICA Festival (interactive audio-visual installation), the 2018 Grounded Festival (venue design, video mapping, projections) and the 2019 Ment Festival (interactive audio-visual installation). They also curate V2V (video to video) exhibitions at the Osmo/za, focusing on live visuals, projection mapping and AV installations.Over the past few years they’ve each collaborated with various visual, music and cultural collectives, associations and organizers (AKC Metelkova, KUD Channel Zero, Kino Šiška, Klub K4, Radio Študent, Pritličje, MENT Ljubljana, KAPA, the Projekt Atol Institute, KAMIZDAT, KUD MoTa, City of Women, ŠKUC, Bojler and Tigerbalm).