Since its reconceptualization in 2014, Fotopub Festival strives to recognize the qualities of emerging artists and create a space for independent research, experimentation and unconventional curatorial gestures. Fotopub has since become an established international platform that promotes, stimulates and develops the freshest artistic activity across contemporary arts and cultures.

In its sixth edition, Fotopub continues to extend artistic, curatorial and geographical dialogues. Once again, the festival is set to bring together international artists and curators, whose practice is located in the gaps and overlaps of contemporary visual arts, new media, and technology. This year, Fotopub will present a series of projects that critically disturb and question how meaning is constructed through socio-political rituals and shaped by various power structures. The exhibitions directly address how the divergence between fiction and reality becomes a tool of manipulation for the construction of collective and individual identities through visual and popular cultures and information technologies, all conditioned by extreme capitalism.

From 31 July to 4 August 2019, Fotopub will organise a series of formal and informal events, including 6 exhibitions, 3 projects, a curated music programme and the Fotopub Portfolio Review, which will bring well-known and respected artists, curators, gallerists, publishers and journalists from the international art world to Novo Mesto. This year, the work of 27 artists and curators from 10 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom) will be showcased exclusively in unconventional and/or abandoned spaces around the city centre, with site specific installations and performances taking place on the streets of Novo Mesto.

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Press Info

Fotopub Association for Contemporary Culture / Društvo za sodobno kulturo Fotopub
Dilančeva ulica 1
8000 Novo mesto

Managing Director  
Dušan Josip Smodej
+386 40 215 189 (SI)

Executive Director
Tadej Vindiš
+386 31 883 184 (SI)
+44 7843 877 171 (UK)

Curatorial Coordinator
Živa Kleindienst

Curatorial Coordinator
Urša Purkart

Music Programme Coordinator
Luka Uršič

Operations Assistant
Nika Bratkovic

Curatorial Assistant
Federico Cosci

Marketing Assistant
Natalie Nahyun Seo

Production Assistant
Nuša Hernavs

Production Assistant
Sally Rowland

Artistic Committee:
Bojan Mijatović
Klemen Ilovar
Gregor Kocijančič
Luka Uršič
Anja Zver
Živa Kleindienst
Ilaria Speri
Urša Purkart
Marta Barina
Jure Kastelic
Tadej Vindiš
Dušan Josip Smodej

design: Nejc Prah
photo: Klemen Ilovar & Janez Klenovšek
translator: Maiken Kores
code: Anže Vavpetič

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